• Video and Live Streaming
    Whether you have this new product you want to launch, or whether you are a promoter of a major or armature sporting event, or you just need to broadcast your event to another venue on the other side of the world, we can offer a live video and Audio streaming service that allows people to get in touch either in another venue, TV Station or on their own PC, Mac, iOS, Android or Windows device. We can also broadcast to almost any other video platform, from Youtube, Facebook, Vemo, Ustream, Zixi, Twitch, Periscope, to your own website or any other RTMP platform. With the most amazing results in 1080p full HD, giving you crystal clear image and sound. We also offer bonded streaming, to make sure your stream does not go down in the middle of an event, and you always have a backup link running.
  • On the point of video we also supply stage monitors, TVs, Projectors and LED Screens for almost any size audience.